Hello out there, lovely UPG Wholesaler: Welcome to our shiny new wholesale website!

After a massive upgrade, our site now offers

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Here's how to jump in:

· First, create an account here.

· Then email (or call us with) the account name you created to
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* If you had a wholesale login previously, we're very sorry to say that they couldn't be 
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  effort of creating a new account here. 

Our team of Customer Service Philosophers are in the office Monday through Friday 9:30AM-5:00PM Eastern Time (specifically, Brooklyn Time). If your email arrives outside of these hours, the philosophers may be away from our Ivory Tower. Be assured they'll respond just as soon as they're back at their desks. Thank you for seeking The Unemployed Philosophers Guild!

After your account has been approved and you've logged in, www.philosophersguild.com will give you wholesale prices and special wholesale information like store displays.  

email:  wholesale@philosophersguild.com
phone: 718.243.9492