UPG Care Packages

You know what they like – we know what they’ll love!

Each Care Package has a value of more than $55…yours for $35 (save more than 35%)

We all know someone whose week looks like: Hustleday, Scootday, Frenzyday, Flurryday, Flyday, Scrambleday…Whew!day. Give the gift of calm and chill and whimsical…especially if that week belongs to you. PICK-ME-UP will never put you down.
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“Love You/Mean It”
When words aren’t enough, pitch this great bundle of gifts at the object of your affection to show them how you feel… and to let them see you’ve got a Screwball pitch to rival Carl Hubbel’s.
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“Mad Skills and Hobbies to Share”
This one’s for everyone who reaches a milestone, finishes that massive biography, lands between projects, and finds themselves with a free afternoon or in the back seat on a road trip. Take advantage of the temporary lull to stretch your curiosity, stretch your skills, and…stretch.
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“Courageous Forager”
Behold a world terrible with grizzly bears and pricker-bushes and grizzly bears on TV. Teeming with botanical wisdom, campfire lore, and mints the biting insects aren’t too crazy about, this bundle is your trusty companion when you go forth — into the yard!
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“Cats! Cats! Cats!”
For the friend who loves cats of all kinds – real and fictional, artistic and literary – for the person who loves cats more than people... and maybe that person is you.
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