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Can I just say that the fact that the Bertolt Brecht finger puppet appears on the "politics" page is my new favorite thing about your company."

Ann N

I have long resolved, were I permitted, to devote to you my fortune and my life.

Benjamin Disraeli

Without diversion, there is no joy; with diversion, there is no sadness. With Freudian Slippers, there is the patented sock-tongue.

Blaise Pascal

If the property of any thing, that gives pleasure either by its utility, beauty or novelty, produces also pride by a double relation of impressions and ideas; we need not be surpriz’d, that the power of acquiring this property, shou’d have the same effect.

David Hume

Money is not required to buy one necessary of the soul unless it’s a coffee mug that transforms from dinosaurs to fossil and it makes your day every time!

Henry David Thoreau

Look on beauty, and you shall see ‘tis purchased by the owner of a Bioluminescence mug.


I give the Constellation mug one star, but its a supernova!

Tycho Brahe

I drink more than 50 cups of coffee a day, so I need every one of UPG's coffee mugs.  Thanks UPG!