The Dog Days of Summer

It’s August, and we’re deep in the dog days of summer.

Ever wonder where the term “dog days of summer” comes from? It goes back to ancient times when the Greeks equated the rising of the star Sirius, aka the “dog star,” with the sultriest days of summer.

So let’s just give in, accept that we’re going to sweat through our clothes today, grab a cool drink and spend some time on the internet with dogs!

Let’s start with this adorable puppy picture.


Animal Planet, naturally, has a page dedicated to dogs.

Did you know that NYC has an annual dachshund parade?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of literary dogs.

And here are some mythological dogs.

Here’s a picture of the dog star itself, taken from the Hubble Telescope (on the bottom)!


“Dogs in Space” is a 1986 movie from Australia. It doesn’t seem to be about dogs at all.

The New York Times had a hot dog tasting test earlier this year.



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