Back to School: Lectures to View

It’s September, so those of us who are students or teachers are back in school.

If you’re not back in school though, or if you are but want even more, there are many places you can go online to watch or listen to some amazing lectures.

Want to see Karlheinz Stockhausen speak about music? Check out his British Lectures.

For those of you French speakers out there, you can hear a 40-hour course from Roland Barthes.

If you prefer your French philosophers to lecture in English, then you can listen to these lectures from Michel Foucault.

Come on, we can’t have philosophical lectures in English and French but not German. So here’s some Heidegger.

Is Bertrand Russell more your speed? OK then.

But what about science? OK, here are seven lectures by Richard Feynman.

Not enough? Then here is Open Culture’s collection of 1,300 free online courses. Welcome to the rabbit hole.


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