Gifts of Wonder

Looking for wondrous UPG GIFTS OF WONDER?

You're in luck! For with a purchase of $25+ we'll send free UPG GIFTS OF WONDER ($25 value!) 

What’s the catch? O, my enlightened little waffle, you must now uncomplicate yourself:

  • STEP 1:Spend $25 on our site

  • STEP 2: At check-out, add one of four unique codes to choose your UPG GIFTS OF WONDER (a $25 value!)

  • STEP 3:Your free carefully-curated best-selling UPG GIFTS OF WONDER arrive with your order

Behold the UPG Gifts of Wonder!

(FAQ below) 

The Jolt of Genius: for beautiful minds and people who believe in the magic of science. Add code SCIGIFTS at check-out! 

The Art is What Artists Do: for the colorful, the aesthete, the visionary. Add code ARTGIFTS at check-out! 

The Get Lit: for those who live for stories and cherish poems/pomes/poims. Add code LITGIFTS at check-out!

The Most Obscure Collection of Hey-What-Now? Items: for the person who isn’t satisfied with the obvious gifts… Add code HMMGIFTS at check-out!

FAQ (for those who still wonder)

Q. What, exactly, are the UPG GIFTS OF WONDER?

A. Ahhh... they are a mystery – even to us! We don’t know what free gifts we’ll send, because…

 Q. Will my UPG GIFTS OF WONDER include “doubles” of items in my order?

A. Your UPG GIFTS OF WONDER will be carefully-curated to be sure you don’t receive duplicates! Our team of Curatorial Philosophers will review your order and custom-build your UPG GIFTS OF WONDER with things you’re likely to love with all your nerdy heart.

Q. If I order gifts for my friends or family, do I have to give them the UPG GIFTS OF WONDER?

A. Yes, you must! We send the UPG Kindly Surveillance Drone to make sure you give them away. Kidding. It’s all going to the same place, so you can give it as a gift – or grab it for yourself. We won’t tell a soul!  (Quite honestly, the UPG Kindly Surveillance Drone is still in the, uh, early stages.)

Don’t forget, when you spend $25+, you'll also receive $25 in gifts free when you add the code for your favorite UPG GIFTS OF WONDER:


at check-out!


Retail orders only. Not valid for previous orders.
Applies to in-stock items only and may not be combined with other offers.
Code can be used only once per order.
Offer valid until 11:59 p.m. Brooklyn Ivory Tower Time Thursday, May 7, 2020.